How to get out of your broadband contract

Are you feeling like you’re being let down by your current service provider? Do you feel they aren’t looking after you as a loyal customer? Perhaps you’ve just had a change of circumstances and a different provider can offer you something that suits your lifestyle better than your current.

Whatever reason you may want to get out of your broadband contract, you’re most likely stuck at this point with a very simple question: “How do I get out of my broadband contract?”

Below I will be outlining two different ways in which anyone in the UK can exit their  current broadband and telephone line contract without any cancellation charges regardless of how long you currently have left of your contract. This will work for all openreach providers such as Sky, BT, PlusNet, TalkTalk, SSE, Vodafone, EE, Post Office, etc.

Both of these two ‘methods’ work due to certain Ofcom policies regarding cancellation charges when a provider can’t actually provide service to the customer.

What I mean by this is that if you currently have a service and due to a change if circumstance you have to move home and your provider can’t provide that service where you move too, they can not charge you cancellation charges, this works in two ways.

Firstly, a city in the UK called Hull is completely monopolized by Kingston Communications (KC). This means if you move to Hull, you can only get service from that company. 

If you have a fixed copper broadband service, the above ‘method’ is the best way forward to get out of your contract early without having to pay any cancellation fees.

Note: You will need a post code that is in Hull and is served by (KC), you can easily jump onto a website like rightmove and look for properties in Hull.

Secondly, if you currently have a fibre broadband connection, you can also use the first method outlined above, but you can also use a different one that also falls under the category of your provider not being able to provide the service to you.

Note: Find an address locally where fibre broadband isn’t available, we all know friends, family members and colleagues who have a lot to say about slow broadband speeds so knowing an area close to you that doesn’t have fibre shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Once you have this, just call your provider and say you’re moving to that area, because they can’t provide the service to you, you are within your right to cancel your services without a charge, they may not proactively mention this and will maybe try to side step by offering a ‘cheaper’ deal on copper broadband (standard ADSL up to 17mbps) just state you want to explore other options and wish to cancel. 

And that’s all there really is too it, it really is that simple. Feel free to post your success stories or any issues you have in the comments and make sure you share this to all your friends and family members.